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Welcome To The FunWorld Network!!!

 What was once a single FunWorld born on September 4th 2014,  has now become a network of multiple servers that branch out into different aspects of the amazing game of Minecraft. Some players like to build and be creative architects, while others like to kill everyone they see. Some want to be a frog jumping on a lilypad, and another wants to own the kingdom that lilypad is on. Some want to leap over blocks suspended in mid air then go play hide and seek while others just want to take a test in math class and are having pizza for lunch. 

What do we offer?

 While main FunWorld has always mixed all this into one server, there came a point where the traffic was too much for the server to handle, so we added specialty servers around FunWorld for players interested in only certain aspects of the game. We created RolePlay/Prison/Factions/Raw Survival/Enchantment, as well as a special server just for hackers that want to destroy things, and yet another server for people who just want to ban each other and live in anarchy. The point is, we became a NETWORK! We are bringing kids together from all over the globe 24/7. 

Family Based Servers!

 **This network is run by parents of small kids that play on these servers, so no  "un-family friendly" language or activity of any kind is ever permitted here. This is strictly enforced and closely monitored. All new staff must go through orientation to make sure they understand this and what their responsibilities are. Our main rule is: Be Fair And Treat Others Like You Would Want To Be Treated. 

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Here is our server list to date:

Mincecraft Servers:

Main FunWorld

FunWorld Plots

FW RolePlay

FW Prison

Brutal Factions

Enchantment Land


FW Chaos

Bare Bonez Survival

FW Conquests 

Mercy Factions

top minecraft servers

family server

and check out the minecraft server list for voting for us

Thinking about donating? Here’s what you need to know:

 We have a few different categories of RANKS you can purchase.

1- PVP Ranks
2- Creative Rank
3- Staff Ranks 

 -- PVP ranks include most kits, Wizard/Warrior/God/VIP/etc and the player is not subjected to any more rules. Buy the kit, get instant extra powers for killing and raiding and pillaging.

   -- CREATIVE rank is for players who want to build cool stuff and be a designer and who don't care about killing people and raiding. (Also instant after donating.)

    -- STAFF ranks, (OP/ADMIN/EMPEROR) These are a little different. These are HELPER ranks. We only want people here who really want to look at the big picture and help run and operate the server to be the family friendly and fair server it always has been. We require all staff to join our Slack group, so it may be a few hours before you get your staff rank. If you can’t use email and can’t download the Slack messaging app, DO NOT donate for staff. Slack is where the staff all talk to each other, and where the rules are, and how we keep the server safe and secure and family friendly. To whom much is given, much is required. If you don’t want to help the server and keep it up to standards, donate for a PVP or CREATIVE rank, not a staff rank. If you do donate for staff, Please allow a few hours in some cases, but look for an email with further instructions on how to join Slack Opchat. (And btw, same rules apply in our opchat as apply ingame. No bad language etc) 

 Each server has these different ranks so please choose the right one for what you want to do:) Our online shop has each server separated into specific server and rank so just select the one you want. 

Donate for most ranks at the website here at:


*for Brutal Factions: bit.do/bfshop
*Pixel Factions: bit.do/pfshop
*Hackerland: hackerland.buycraft.net 

 If you have any questions or concerns about anything regarding FunWorld, please email me at: funworldmcpe@yahoo.com

Thank you for your interest in FunWorld!

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PDF Help Downloads

We have created some PDF files of information, help guidelines for y'all  to read. 

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